Due to the Coronavirus, we are currently not offering Swimming Foundations classes until further notice. We hope that you and your family remain safe and healthy during this uncertain period. We will notify our members as soon as we are able to offer these classes again. 


Thank you!


Swimming Foundations for Puppies

A 4-week introductory swimming class at Doglando.


Here's what you'll learn in 

Swimming Foundations


  • Pool Safety

    Introduce your puppy to the swimming pool and water safety

  • Comfortable Bathing and Grooming

    Train your pup to have a calm and comfortable (and less squirmy!) bathing, grooming, and blow-off experience, with our physical handling conditioning.

  • Prepare for Advanced Games & Activities at the Pool or Pond

      Ideal for puppies who will grow up near a swimming pool or pond/lake, and to prepare for advanced training like dock diving and fetch!