"Training is a lifestyle, learning is lifelong."

To set your dog up for a lifestyle that promotes optimal health, you must prepare your dog for the situations you put them in. 

Think of going to a dog park... how many dogs are prepared in skill before visiting a dog park?

What if all dogs and their human companions were skillfully prepared before going to a dog park?
How different might the dog park experience be for you, your dog, and other dogs and their parents?

Our goal is to prepare your dog before putting them into a position that requires them to act.


Imagine if every 18 year old’s first job prepared them with the soft skills they they need in order to be successful at any job with any company, from that point on.

In other words, focusing on the importance of these "soft skills":

  • communication
  • listening
  • attitude
  • problem solving
  • prioritization
  • critical thinking
  • pushing the envelope
  • taking calculated risks, etc.


These develop an individual very differently than solely preparing them for hard skills, such as how to use a computer.

Many employers believe people should arrive with soft skills.


We know firsthand how time consuming and expensive it is to invest in teaching someone soft skills, yet we do it at Doglando.


It is the single most important part of our culture, and fundamentally the biggest reason Doglando has the strong internal culture it does.

Training hard skills alone doesn't work, especially when working in a team environment that involves working with other living beings (our dogs).

Much to that point, teaching a dog hard skills such as: "sit," "down," "stay," or "drop it"; only works if the dog is living in a static, sterile environment.


Dogs and humans don't live in a vacuum. Therefore, to prepare your dog to be a “good dog,” we must invest time and effort to help them develop strong character - and focus on soft skills like:

  • communication
  • cooperation
  • conservation of energy
  • relatability
  • listening
  • engagement
  • attentiveness
  • awareness
  • attunement


This is how Doglando’s programs differ greatly from traditional training!


Through each new level of training, we build on your dogs skills, preparing them for real world situations.

  • Canine Skill Building

    We like to think of Skill Building as giving your dog a "job". 


    Rather than sitting at home waiting for you to get off work, we offer a full day of experiences that allow your dog to learn, play, and exercise.


    During each week of your training program, we'll build upon the skills you're training your dog, and help generalize them to various scenarios, situations, and conditions (both on-campus and off-campus). This helps your dog master the skills and become fluent and confident in them.