Introducing Canine Enrichment Leadership

Transform Your Leadership

And The Impact of Your Work,

In Just 3 Days

Canine Enrichment Leadership is a 3-day Immersive Learning Adventure that will unleash your freedom to grow in your life, your work, and your relationships (with the dogs you are working for, and the people you are working with) as never before.

Are you unhappy with current dog daycare standards, and seeking to transform your daycare into an enrichment-driven facility?



Do you…

  • desire to understand the term Enrichment in a way that it can be operationalized behaviorally?
  • want to learn about Enrichment in a way that can be observed and measured unambiguously?
  • desperately want to learn about Enrichment as a whole, so that you and your team can create whole-body, sensory experiences that promote rich and robust living experiences for the dogs in your care? (not just those enhancements related to feeding).





Are you struggling with...

  • dogs being confined to small, crowded spaces, not being allowed to be "dogs"
  • dogs afraid to attend your daycare, hiding and looking scared?
  • dogs picking up bad habits / negative behaviors from other dogs?
  • dogs experiencing stress, high-energy (with no outlet), and problem behaviors, but you can't identify where the stress is coming from?


Do you want...

    • more engagement with your dogs, including games, activities, and play overall?
    • to stop illness and dog fights in your facility, pretty much for good?
    • to end staff turnover, by creating a culture where your team members stick around because they love each day's new challenges and personal growth, as they engage with the dogs and their teammates?



    October 16-18, 2019

    Orlando, FL

    Enrichment Changes Lives...

    Here's how we've impacted the lives of other dog care professionals.

    "This was huge in teaching me about Enrichment, and learning what  it means, and what these dogs actually need...


    I thought I knew a little bit, and I realized there was a whole lot more to learn, really going into depth...


    It has opened my eyes."

    Mary Frances

    Dog Daycare Owner

    "I have to say, this has made my heart sing here..."

    Sue Sternberg

    Dog Behaviorist

    Elliott Rodgers

    Dog Daycare Owner

    Hunger Hill Dogs, UK

    What did you experience at CEL 2018?


    "What's happening here [at Doglando] is, these dogs are being taught how to live their lives as dogs.


    What we were doing was working to an extent, but ...what we were able to do with the dogs and the freedom we could give them was being limited. 


    Whereas, everything we have learned here has shown us that there are ways to give them more and more and more freedom - as much freedom as possible!


    ...And it doesn't just stop at the dogs. The dogs are just the way into enriching the lives of the people that have the dogs. 


    It's just so much more than just what's going on with the dogs here..."



    What stood out for you at Doglando?


    "Just how different it is from daycare... and how different the dogs function - they seem to be enjoying themselves.


    And, how the staff operate differently."


    Describe your experience at Canine Enrichment Leadership 2018 in 3 words:

    Intention, Joy, and Mind-blowing

    Ali Bradshaw

    Dog Daycare Owner


    "Teena puts her entire heart into what she does and is a great trainer for people as well as dogs! Everything she does is to enrich and enhance the lives of the dogs she works with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was always willing to answer all of my questions."


    Dog Daycare Owner

    Join us at our next Canine Enrichment Leadership event!


    October 16th-18th

    at the Doglando Campus

    in Orlando, Florida

    Register now for just $1500

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    If you have any questions about this training, email

    Note: when you enroll in the 30-day payment plan,

    you're required to make both payments.

    And Here's Exactly How It Works:

    In this groundbreaking, out-of-your-seat, immersive learning experience, you will join dog daycare owners who share a commitment to creating the freedom to grow, learn, and work - for themselves and their tribe - in radically-unique and generative ways.


    Together, we will spend 3 action-packed days exploring the world of Enrichment Leadership through:

    • Curated tours of numerous indoor and outdoor environments for living beings of all kinds in Central Florida

    • Peer-Driven Learning Experiences

    • Immersion on the campus of a proven business, founded upon the VISION of Enrichment for all living beings.

    • Inclusion in the day-to-day experience of Doglando Team Members, including observations that span every detail of the successful business operation, plus Q&A Sessions and group debriefs.

    Why You Need Enrichment Leadership Is Clear

    Most leadership and business development programs focus on developing one half of the equation for success — which is the impact of YOU as leader/owner: your mindset, knowledge, skills, and character.


    Canine Enrichment Leadership is entirely new, in that it embeds that development in a heretofore unexplored domain of leadership —which is how to create life-giving environments that meet the criteria of Doglando's 8 Spheres of Enrichment, where living beings thrive in species-appropriate ways.



    Maybe, like so many of your colleagues... you've tried to piece together all kinds of "enrichment" tactics, activities, and games, yet you're still struggling to see a major impact, and you're not getting outcomes you desire. Instead you experience...

    • dogs appearing stressed and not very engaged

    • low staff morale, and high staff stress

    • some dogs bouncing off the walls with high energy, and no place to release it

    • and, an underlying feeling of frustration, because you know there has to be a better way...


    This leaves you seeking more - a deeper, more meaningful transformation in your life and your day-to-day business flow.


    At Canine Enrichment Leadership, you will learn how to develop and shape your environment to create the outcomes you desire in your workplace AND in your personal life (most leadership training ONLY focuses on a leader's emotional fitness, communication skills, problem solving skills, clarity of their vision, and management capacity). 


    By the end of our 3-day journey into Enrichment Leadership, you will have the tools and roadmap to create the future you want in your life and work


    Here’s the stark truth:

    Whether you or your staff members are intentionally - or blindly - shaping the environment, every action and decision is shaping the environment and will create a massive impact on how you, your team, and your clients, partners, and vendors will behave.


    Most leadership development/business development programs focus on the leader’s skills and character which don’t even reference the function of the environment on performance or behavior. 


    Yet, Environmental Shaping is very impactful and results in one of two outcomes:

    • Destruction and Diminishment
    • Creation and Expansion

    There’s this little known thing called, Enrichment Leadership. Hardly anybody is talking about Enrichment in Leadership, but when you learn it and use it, you’ll see a HUGE difference in your team, your company’s culture, and your time. It’s a life-giving approach to doing business; a model that will allow you to play big in a really small way… beginning with building a team of INTRApreneurs, not "employees".

    People have been talking about enrichment for decades. Historically, the term "enrichment" was most commonly used in Zoos and Aquariums; places of captive living for wild animals. For decades, enrichment has been considered a small addition or change to the environment or conditions, that enhances the quality of life for animals in captivity.


    But that approach doesn’t result in a transformative, powerful living experience, especially when the dose of enrichment is not enough.


    At Doglando, we have been creating “enriching” experiences with the understanding of the term, NOT the way it reads in the dictionary:


    Enrichment - the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.


    This definition is less than desirable wouldn’t you agree?  



    In pursuit of a stronger definition, Doglando’s main purpose was to understand the term "Enrichment" in a way that the behavior of interest can be:

    • Observable

    • Measurable

    • And everyone can remain Unambiguous in their observations and measurements


    The result, is our working definition of Enrichment:

    • "En" - a unit of width or measurement (used to measure performance)

    • "Rich" - abundance

    • "Ment" - expressing the means, or a result of a species-typical behavior (that is life-giving)


    With this working definition, you will find that identifying, implementing, and integrating our 8 Spheres of Enrichment framework is universally applicable to all living beings.  




    We've helped many dog daycare owners and industry leaders experience the effects of Enrichment...

    What Sets This Experience Apart

    Most importantly, you will forge life-long friendships with other like-minded dog daycare owners and industry leaders, who are committed to getting out of their seats (literally and figuratively), and living and leading in the rich freedom to grow.


    These people don’t see ANY reason to separate their personal growth and development, from their love for dogs and living beings, and their leadership AT ALL!! So imagine…..


    Who We Are


    Founder of Doglando,

    The World's 1st Canine Enrichment Center

    You will be hosted by Teena Patel, and a team of leaders in Canine Enrichment, who have 15 years of proven success in creating a radically unique environment for dogs AND for people. They are well-practiced in opening the doors to their “home” and welcoming like-minded leaders who want to infuse their own places of work, learning, and growth with the foundational principles of enrichment.

    A note from Teena Patel

    Dear Friend,


    I was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa.  My family and I moved to England when I was 14 and a year later we packed up to move to Florida, USA, where my home has been since.


    As a child, I have always been very drawn to animals. All creatures.  As I grew older, my love for birds, dogs, and elephants grew in particular.  I can recall many a day sitting up on our rooftop with my favorite book, the “Field Guide to Birds of East Africa”, watching the migratory birds fly over our rooftop quickly flicking through the pages to mark the ones I saw that particular season.


    My most favorite family vacations were the safaris; this is really where my love, respect, and appreciation for animals stemmed from.  During these experiences, I took very seriously wildlife observation etiquette… to this day, it has allowed me the opportunity to some of the most profound experiences I have had in documenting the relationship between humans and street dogs around the world.


    My childhood dream was to help prevent the extinction of elephants.  Moving away from Kenya, was one of the most troublesome segments of my life… in more ways than one, and knowing I would not get that opportunity here, I spent days, months, and years drawing from the precious experiences I was so lucky to have, to build a future that was just a little different than my childhood dream.


    I feel very strongly about wild animals that have the need for space and need to roam be restricted to captivity.Through my research and fieldwork, the animals I have encountered have taught me a lot about what I know, teach, and apply as a dog trainer today.  I have followed only two species (Homo Sapiens and Canines) through many forms of existences, documenting their relationships as collaborative and cooperative, in an attempt to better understand the abnormal non-collaborative and non-cooperative forms of existences.


    I find dogs to be very fascinating.  Their need for co-dependency has allowed them to be one of the only creatures that possess the ability, desire and values (intrinsic and extrinsic) to endure the pressure man kind imposes to co-exist and co-habitate.


    There is so much we can learn from the natural environments that animals choose to live in, and conditions they seek to make them the strongest in survival.  The lessons I have learned from these living beings shaped the creation of the University of Doglando, an enrichment campus for restricted canine companions- it is a place where dogs can be dogs and live a fruitful and purposeful full lifestyle.


    In 2003, I named our campus the University of Doglando with the vision of using the lessons that dogs can teach us in a multitude of ways over time.  I am humbled by the impact our educational programs such as Camp Doglando and Canine Enrichment LIVE have had for Homo Sapiens and Canines, and I am thrilled to invite you to join me in the next step of our own evolution as a learning organization.


    Whether you found me through my work at Doglando, my speaking engagements around the country in the dog industry, our Forest-Pre-K Program, or through our Canine Enrichment LIVE event, I welcome you to come and evolve your vision in our strategically-designed immersive learning experience.  


    Canine Enrichment Leadership may be a new path, but it is not a new mission for me. I invite you to  join me, and the entire Doglando Team, as we create a tribe of change-agents who seek to “give life” by creating a new future of enrichment, freedom, and growth for all living beings.


    Here’s why I am so excited about this program. As I look around, I believe that dog care trends have really become out of control lately. It’s as though we have forgotten two things:  1. we are living beings, and, 2.  we are dealing with living beings. It’s time to go back to the basics. At the nucleus of Enrichment Leadership, you will re-connect to the mammalian part of your brain to bring to life three basic fundamentals of leadership, the roots of all life-giving relationships: Trust, Honor, and Nature.


    By the way, I know no one else is talking about Enrichment in Leadership… and I’m willing to take the risk of being the first to do so, because I know what this unexpected experience can create for you and your team, your family, and the living beings in your world.  


    Here’s the thing, most leadership and business development programs are all about developing YOU - but when you learn to make it about you AND the way you are shaping the environment of the living beings in your care, you’ll see a HUGE difference in your team, your company’s culture, and the quality and quantity of your time.  


    What we are inviting you to experience is  a life-giving approach to doing business; a model that will allow you to play big in the most natural, and nature-inspired way.


    I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


    Yours in Enrichment,



    Now, let’s walk you through, in detail,

    exactly what to expect at this training event.

    October 16 - 18, 2019

    Wednesday - Friday

    "There are only two ways to influence human behavior:

    you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.”


    - Simon Sinek

    Here's what we'll explore on Day 1...

    • How to identify and distinguish between the 8 Spheres of Enrichment, and an introduction to how they work in synergy as a system.

    • Immerse yourself in a deep sensory experience as you encounter new and unfamiliar habitats, and develop an awareness of Bio-Empathy: the ability to see things from nature's point of view, to understand, respect, and learn from nature's patterns.

    • Identify dysfunctional conditions in environments (those that limit species-appropriate behavior), and learn how to make an immediate difference in the lives of all beings in your care, through habitat and environmental design.

    • Learn what “Natural Environments” mean for animals held in captivity.

    • Measure the success of creating an environment that promotes physical enrichment and robust movement.

    • Identify challenges associated with stimulating mammals in captivity, and how to overcome them.

    • Observe the effects of the environment on different learners (including various species of animal).

    “The environment shapes people's actions”. 


    - B.F.-Skinner

    Here's what we'll explore On Day 2...

    • An introduction to Doglando's philosophy, and how to create a team culture of enrichment.

    • Spend time observing and shadowing Doglando's Play Professors, as they work with our dogs.

    • Learn how to identifyassess, observe, and measure the effectiveness of interactions, experiences, and games and activities to create environments that are rich in stimuli that promote species-typical behaviors (behavior patterns that are normal, natural and allow the animal to thrive in nature).

    • Develop a working definition for what play is, and what play is not.
    • Learn how to engage your dogs more, via play and games and activities.
    • Distinguish the difference between constraints and true games.

    • Identify the nature of spontaneity and how it aligns with play.

    "There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.”


    - Simon Sinek

    Here's what we'll explore on Day 3...

    • The real WORKING Definition of Enrichment, and how you can apply the 8 Spheres of Enrichment to your facility's environment, and create a Team Culture of Enrichment.

    • Why Skill Building™️ is a necessary part of Enrichment, and how it can be used to advance individual dogs' learning and growth.

    • The criteria for measuring success in Skill Building™️.

    • What it’s like working on the inside of an organization that is committed to enrichment
    • How innovation and design thinking concepts can help you create new opportunities for your team and community to embrace Enrichment

    • Learn how to add value to your life and the lives of others in every moment, with the mindsets, practices, and skillsets, you currently inhabit

    • Gain clarity on your personal vision and intentions for transitioning to an enrichment center or model at your daycare or rescue shelter. 

    • Plan your path to Enrichment - for your dogs, your staff, your clients, and yourself!

    Make 2019 the year you stop dreaming about it, and start DOING more of it!


    Join us at our next Canine Enrichment Leadership event!


    October 16th-18th

    Register now for just $1500

    Or Make 2 Easy Installments

    Just pay $800 today, and the balance in 30 days

    If you have any questions about this training, email

    Note: when you enroll in the 30-day payment plan,

    you're required to make both payments.

    If You Can Say "Yes" To Any Of These Questions,

    You’re A Perfect Fit For Canine Enrichment Leadership

    Question #1: Are you looking to pour your soul into the work you do, and still have freedom, time, energy, and personal fulfillment?
    Question #2: Has the day-to-day challenge of managing and leading gotten in the way of living out your BIG WHY / Personal Vision?
    Question #3: Are you looking to find new pathways and companions on your journey of leading change?
    Question #4: Do you find that you’re much better at active learning and apprenticeship, than sitting in a chair listening to experts share their knowledge?




    If you can say YES to any of these questions, the good news is this: Canine Enrichment Leadership is PERFECT for you!


    Here’s why:


    You can’t expect your own leadership skills to make an impact on your organization without learning how to create the environmental conditions that the living beings around you require to reach their highest, and most fulfilling potential. And Canine Enrichment Leadership can show you how to do it.


    If you believe in investing in yourself and you’re curious about whether or not this program will create the impact you are seeking when you return to your daycare, you'll be happy to know that the entire program is designed with the end in mind - which is not what happens when you are with us, but rather what happens when you are with your team.


    And if you’re like MOST people, you find you’re better at working on developing yourself as a leader than developing the environment around you, and  that’s okay, too. The proven training we provide you at Canine Enrichment Leadership will be a life-saver!



    And the good news?


      Your investment in this training is backed by our signature “Try The Event” Guarantee.


      Here’s how it works:

      When you enroll today, you get to go through the first day of our 3-day event 100% risk-free. If you feel as if the event just isn't working for you, tell our support team, show us you fully participated and did all the work, and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund where you’ll get 100% of your money back.


      Why do we offer such a lenient guarantee?

      We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this training event  can help you shape your environment to create the outcomes you desire in your work AND your life. And we're willing to put our money where our mouths are and prove it to you by offering such a lenient guarantee.


      Why do we ask that you show us the work?

      That’s simple. We only want people to join this event if they want to shape their environment to create better outcomes. And if that’s you, you’re going to do the work anyway, so you will have no problem providing it. I don’t want any “lookie loos” who want to waste my time (and their own time).

      Canine Enrichment Leadership

      After 3 action-packed days exploring the world of Enrichment Leadership you will...

      • Create an actionable plan for ENRICHMENT to shape your outcomes in Work AND in Life. 

      • Experience the power of a community that gathers for the purpose of creating a new future of enrichment, freedom, and growth for all living beings.

      • Discover a life-giving approach to doing business; and be immersed in a model that will allow you to play BIG in the most natural, and nature-inspired way.

      Join us at our next

      Canine Enrichment Leadership event!


      October 16th-18th

      Register now for just $1500

      Or Make 2 Easy Installments

      Pay just $750 today, and the balance in 14 days.

      If you have any questions about this training, email

      Note: when you enroll in the 30-day payment plan,

      you're required to make both payments.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Canine Enrichment Leadership




      WHAT DOES CANINE ENRICHMENT HAVE TO DO WITH LEADERSHIP? (Are you saying understanding dogs will make me a better leader?)








      IS THERE A SPECIAL PARTNERSHIP RATE?  (My Business / Life Partner wants to join me).



              Not yet sure if Canine Enrichment Leadership is right for you?

              If you have any questions about our event, or if you'd like to know how it can support your vision, we invite you to a FREE Business Breakthrough Call with Teena Patel. Click below to schedule!


              This event is an active, out-of-your-seat, IMMERSIVE Experience!  


              Please note that:

              • There will be fieldtrips (and maybe even old school buses)

              • There will be playtime (and we have 6 acres to play in)

              • There will be messy, creative work taking place

              • Any fancy or even business casual clothes you wear to the event are subject to getting dirty or destroyed ( be comfortable every day!)

              • There will be deep dialogue and possible discomfort

              • There will be risk-taking

              • We are completely committed to your success!

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