At Doglando, we go beyond traditional dog  training programs, to create an engaging

multi-sensory experience that offers greater freedom for your dog to be a dog. 

Doglando's "Whole Dog" Approach

Doglando's training programs are much different from traditional "dog training," which is typically all about obedience.


Our unique programs provide an experience of 3 components that work together as a system for well-being:

  1. Training:  This is the closest part to "traditional" training, where we teach key behavioral responses to specific signals. This is how your dog develops Skills. 
  2. Canine Skill Building:  Doglando's trainers help to generalize your dog's skills to different scenarios, situations, and environmental conditions. We want your dog to master their skills no matter where you take them. Skill Building makes it easier for you to take your dog to an unfamiliar public place such as an event, cafe, or to the beach.
  3. Canine EnrichmentThis is where the magic happens at Doglando! We put Training + Skill Building together in an off-leash, nature-rich setting, which allows our Play Professors to offer rich learning opportunities for your dog, with total freedom of choice and space.


Canine Enrichment is Doglando's core specialty, and we highly recommend you offer this experience to your dog!

Here's how our training programs work as a system to build a foundational relationship between you and your dog.

  • Online Training

    Through training, we teach your dog key behavioral responses to specific signals, which we refer to as "skills".


    Each week, you and your dog will learn together, in the comfort of your own home and in an environment your dog is already familiar with.

    Watch our video training lessons on your computer, smart phone, or tablet.


    Get instant access to Lesson 1 as soon as you sign up!

  • Weekly Practice Sessions with a Doglando Trainer

    Skills are great to have, but consistent practice of these skills is critical for mastery and fluency. 


    After you practice each module of lessons for a week with your dog at home, you're invited to come to Doglando for a Practice Session with a Doglando Trainer.


    Ask our Trainer your questions and advance your skills!


    NOTE: Practice Sessions are not "classes". In other words, our Trainers aren't there to teach you a new skill. We require that you first learn the skills on your own at home, with our online training videos, THEN come to a Practice Session for additional support.

  • Canine Skill Building

    We like to think of Skill Building as giving your dog a "job". 


    Rather than sitting at home waiting for you to get off work, we offer a full day of experiences that allow your dog to learn, play, and exercise.


    During each week of your training program, we'll build upon the skills you're training your dog, and help generalize them to various scenarios, situations, and conditions (both on-campus and off-campus). This helps your dog master the skills and become fluent and confident in them.

  • Enrichment 

    Days at Doglando

    Give your dog their best life!


    Off-leash play, out in nature, with total freedoms of:

    • choice
    • space
    • expression


    6-Acres of Outdoor Nature Immersion

    - Sand yard with lagoon

    - Large field to run in full stride

    - Nature Play area with ponds, and a small forest

    - 5 Senses Activation

    - Sociability with other dogs

    - Whole-Body Development

    - Mind • Body • Spirit • Intuition


    Select the Great Puppy or Rockstar package to get the full benefits of Doglando's Enrichment Center.

Training Package Options

PreK9 Level 1 is a 6-week program*

Good Puppy package

1x weekly Skill Building

NO Enrichment Days

  • Online Video Trainings

    New lessons every week - watch from your computer or mobile device!

  • Practice Sessions with a Trainer at Doglando

    Wednesdays, 5:30p - 6:30p

  • 1 Day of Skill Building at Doglando /week

    Mondays, 8:00a - 4:00p 

  • 6 weeks of Puppy Parties

    Saturdays, 10:00a - 11:00a 

  • FREE Treat Pouch

    ($15 value Training Tool)

Good Puppy Package


or 2 bi-weekly

payments of $300

Great Puppy package

1x weekly Skill Building

1x weekly Enrichment

  • Everything included in Good Puppy package  

    with 2 days at Doglando

  • 1 Day of Skill Building at Doglando /week

    Mondays, 8:00a - 4:00p 

  • 1 Day of Enrichment at Doglando /week

    Wednesdays, 8:00a - 4:00p 

Great Puppy Package


or 2 bi-weekly

payments of $400

Rockstar Puppy package

2x weekly Skill Building

1x weekly Enrichment


  • Everything included in Good Puppy package

    with 3 days at Doglando

  • 2 Days of Skill Building at Doglando /week

    Mon + Wed, 8:00a - 4:00p 

  • 1 Day of Enrichment at Doglando /week

    Fridays, 8:00a - 4:00p 

Rockstar Puppy Package


or 2 bi-weekly

payments of $525

Experience the Doglando Difference!

As the world's first Center for Canine Enrichment, Doglando offers a unique experience for your dog that other daycares simply don't even consider. Frankly, it's hard to put into words, aside from, "We offer the space and freedom for your dog to be a dog!"


Before enrolling in a training program at Doglando, we require all incoming members to join us on a FREE, 1-hour tour of our campus.


We want you to experience our 6-acre, nature-rich property for yourself, and observe canine enrichment in action before you decide if Doglando is the best lifestyle and experience you can offer your dog.


We offer tours Monday - Friday at 9:30am.

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